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Welcome to Golden Road Arts

Golden Road Arts is an Oregon-based non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides arts education for children, parents and teachers. Our non-profit was founded by artist and printmaker Barbara Mason to ensure elementary and middle school children have access to free art instruction and literacy lessons. With the support of our sponsors, donors, local partners and Northwest artists, Golden Road Arts continues to grow as a resource for appreciating and sharing the value of art.

About Golden Road Arts free Art Lessons for Kids

What We Do at Golden Road Arts

With our goals of delivering high-quality free art lessons and nurturing a love of art, we are focused on three main areas.

  • Online art lessons – Create free art lessons for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • In-person events – Partner with schools and organizations for in-person art events.
  • Art Gallery – Promote the diverse work of talented Northwest artists through our gallery.

Here is more information on each of these primary areas.

Online Art Lessons

Using online videos, the Golden Road Arts digital platform provides a valuable free resource for children, educators and parents. The free art lessons are provided sequentially to help kids develop their knowledge of art styles, techniques and history. Students are encouraged to cultivate a love of art through both art instruction and art literacy lessons.

In-Person Art Events

Golden Road Arts works with local partners to deliver in-person events. Alongside organizations like the Hillsboro School District and the Hillsboro Library, we create engaging and educational events that inspire an interest in the arts. Events like the Library on the Loose summer reading program combine reading and art to improve literacy and creativity in kids.

Art Gallery

As part of our goal of supporting arts in the Northwest, we built our online art gallery. Art lovers can purchase artworks from talented artists who have exhibited nationally and abroad. A commission from each sale will go to our philanthropic mission of providing free art education.

The History of Golden Road Arts

A passion for art education and frustration at the lack of affordable and accessible resources led Barbara Mason to create Golden Road Arts. What began as in-person instruction for elementary school kids, has now developed into a comprehensive video resource, an avenue for periodic live events and an online gallery. In addition, Golden Road Arts provides art materials for free, enabling kids from all backgrounds to develop a love for art.

The Mission of Golden Road Arts

At the heart of the Golden Road Arts mission is a commitment to giving students free access to quality arts education. Developing skills and a passion for creativity and art literacy have benefits across the entire curriculum, along with many social and personal advantages. Barbara and her team want teachers and parents to have the resources to inspire kids as they progress through elementary and middle school.

Connecting With Us

Whether you want to partner for a live event, shop our gallery, donate to us or watch our free art lessons, there are many ways to connect with Golden Road Arts. For more information, call (503) 718-7097 or contact us online.

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Free Summer Art Events for Children

Join Golden Road Arts this summer for free in-person art events and book readings at Hillsboro parks.

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We deliver free art lessons to elementary and middle school children online and at in-person events through partnerships with school districts, libraries and community organizations.

Free Art Lessons

Whether you are a parent, teacher or student our art lessons are free.

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The art featured in our online gallery is available for browsing and purchase.

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