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5 Popular Types of Art for Kids

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Thanks for joining us today as we learn about different types of art for kids. Last time we were here, we discussed the painter Claude Monet. You can watch that here: Claude Monet – French Impressionist Painter – Part 3.

Creating art at home is one of the best ways to get kids engaged with creativity, art literacy and self-expression. The early art projects kids get involved with form the foundation for their development. And not only do accessible art styles help with creativity, they also improve motor skills, literacy, conversational skills and more. Here are five popular types of art for kids that can easily be created at home or school.

5 Fun and Accessible Types of Art for Kids

Each of these types of art is appropriate for children and inspires creativity, and can also be completed using affordable art materials.

1. Coloring

Coloring or painting inside the lines is an important sign that a child’s motor skills are improving. Younger children naturally scribble on a page without considering the shape in front of them. However, as they color within the lines you can see them begin to make connections between the outline and the end result. You can use a coloring book or draw a shape yourself, letting the child decide just which colors to use.

2. Tracing

Tracing is a fun art exercise for young children that can be done using simple household objects. You could find a picture in a magazine, use a cup, or print worksheets found online and let the child develop artwork of their own. Tracing is an important art exercise as it builds the groundwork for spatial awareness and more complex movements such as drawing curved lines.

3. Mask Making

Mask making is a popular art project for kids as they get to have fun with the finished work. This exercise involves folding paper, cutting holes for the eyes and mouth, drawing a design on the front and adding string. Children can get creative with various types of animal faces or a design of their choice. To get started with mask making, watch our easy art projects with crayons, markers, tape and paper video.

4. Play-Doh Modeling

Play-Doh modeling is a calming activity that helps children express their creativity. Shaping and maneuvering the material into different designs will improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills too. Play-Doh’s adaptability also makes it possible for kids of all ages to create models of varying complexity.

5. Collage

One of the reasons kids need art is the chance to explore different materials, and to see what happens when you mix and match them. Making a collage lets kids get used to cutting paper and other materials with scissors and gluing them together. As a result, a child learns the physical activities that go into developing art, and also the creative process of turning one thing into another.

Discover More Popular Types of Art for Kids

At Golden Road Arts, we provide high-quality art literacy and instructional videos for children. We cover many art styles and techniques to ensure that children receive a comprehensive art education. To get started, you can watch our free art lessons now. In addition, you can support the development of future content when you buy art from our online art gallery.

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