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Advantages of Introducing Children to Art at an Early Age

Introducing art to Oregon children.
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Introducing children to art is one of the best gifts parents and teachers can give. With benefits from better problem-solving skills to improved communication, kids need art for their development. As children progress through formal and informal educational experiences, the significance of these early art lessons cannot be overstated. Let’s look at some of the advantages to be gained from an early introduction to art.

Why Should You Introduce Art to Children at an Early Age?

With simple materials and some encouragement, children are usually quite eager to explore their creative side. And these first steps are even more important than many realize.

Encourage Cognitive Development

Art can create a path leading to increased cognitive development, helping with spatial reasoning, concentration, problem-solving, fine motor skills and more. But just where should you begin? You may find that an introduction to creativity through finger painting, scribbling with crayons and making simple shapes with playdough makes an excellent starting point.

Experience Emotional Benefits

Learning about and creating art is a valuable way for children to examine their feelings and express their emotions. Starting with easy art projects for preschoolers, kids learn to communicate their thoughts and emotions nonverbally, thus contributing to the development of emotional intelligence. In addition, art can be an excellent stress reliever, helping children develop tools to support their emotional health throughout their lives.

Enhance Communication Skills

Introducing children to art from an early age goes beyond the technical steps required to complete a project. Discussing their own art and that of others helps a child articulate thoughts and feelings more clearly. In addition, group projects can offer the chance to learn about teamwork, both communicating and literally working with others to complete a task.

Nurture Creative Thinking

 Art encourages creative thinking and innovation. By experimenting with different materials and ideas, children will find ways to turn their idea into a finished work. Starting at a young age supports early development of these skills.

Increase Cultural Awareness

Exposure to art from different times and cultures expands a child’s awareness of the world. Observing portraits, sculptures, collages and other examples of art inspires many children to learn more about various cultures and historical periods.

Develop a Lifelong Love of Art

Early exposure to art can inspire an appreciation that lasts a lifetime. A passion for painting, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression can provide mental stimulation and personal satisfaction throughout life, and some will use this path to step into the creative fields. As you’re trying to decide just what to do first, look at our free art lessons for kids – they include simple guides that are perfect for beginners.

Introduce Art to Children With Free Lessons

Golden Road Arts creates free art lessons for elementary and middle school children. Our lessons provide an important introduction to art, presenting lines and shapes, the color wheel, art history and much more. To support the development of new content, please donate here.

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