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Art in the Park Events Promise to Inspire Creativity in Kids

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Golden Road Arts has announced the return of Art in the Park in Hillsboro’s public parks, marking the program’s second consecutive year. Taking place throughout July and August of 2022, this fun and inspiring program is presented by Golden Road Arts in partnership with the Hillsboro Public Library and Library on the Loose. With art literacy and instructional art lessons providing a solid educational foundation for young children, these events will deliver a creative outlet for Hillsboro youth.

Art in the Park – Engaging Young Children With the Arts

With many years of experience as a printmaker and arts educator, Barbara Mason of Golden Road Arts has seen the impact of art education on children’s development. Limited access to high-quality free art lessons was an important factor in the creation of her Oregon-based nonprofit. And over the years, the Golden Road Arts library of online lessons has helped parents and teachers alike provide school-aged children with a solid footing in the arts.

Digital education is a vital tool in delivering instructional and educational content, but there is much to be said for real-world interactions with students. With this idea in mind, Art in the Park and Library on the Loose will come together for 16 live events in public parks across Hillsboro. The 2022 announcement for Art in the Park lists each of the parks, including the dates for each event (every Tuesday and Thursday throughout July and August).

Why Do Young Children Need Art Education?

It’s a common misconception that art education benefits only those young children with a natural aptitude for creativity. But in reality, every elementary and middle school child can benefit greatly from a high-quality arts curriculum. The skills used across many artistic disciplines are learned through an early introduction to finger painting, lines, shapes, printmaking and so on. This means that starting early can ignite a passion for creativity – one that will continue to grow as new techniques and understanding are discovered.

Through art instruction and literacy lessons, children learn motor skills, language skills, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, perseverance and much more. These attributes can be used in all aspects of a child’s educational experience, including the subjects of math and science.

During each of the 16 live events, children will listen to an engaging story before completing an art project based on the ideas of the outdoors, nature and diversity. This combination of reading, storytelling, artistic endeavor and problem-solving aims to inspire children to engage fully with the artistic process. And for those that cannot attend an event, we also provide free art resources on the website.

Free Art Events for Children in Oregon

Golden Road Arts creates engaging and educational art events for children in Hillsboro. Along with our Art in the Park events, we also visit local schools and community locations to deliver instructional art lessons. To learn more about our events, visit our art events page or browse our free online art lessons.

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Free Summer Art Events for Children

Join Golden Road Arts this summer for free in-person art events and book readings at Hillsboro parks.

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