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Art in the Park Returns to Hillsboro & Beaverton This Summer

Art in the Park in Hillsboro
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Golden Road Arts, in partnership with the Hillsboro Public Library, is pleased to announce the return of the popular Art in the Park program this summer. Now in its third year, Art in the Park continues to bring the excitement and educational benefits of art to the youth of Hillsboro and beyond.

And this year, we’re also adding Art in the Park in Beaverton, in partnership with the Beaverton City Library. Keep reading for the details on both partnerships and event information.

Join Us at the 3rd Annual Art in the Park Summer Series

This partnership between Golden Road Arts and the Hillsboro Public Library’s “Library on the Loose” series has become a much-loved tradition, nurturing a creative and inclusive community atmosphere for children and their families. This event series extends our non-profit’s commitment to providing free art lessons to the younger generation, further enriching their educational experience.

What to Expect at Art in the Park 2023

Art in the Park 2023 is scheduled to visit 14 parks in Hillsboro, offering free art lessons and projects every Tuesday and Thursday throughout July and August.

Inspired by specially selected library books that will be read to the children during each event, each project will be carefully designed to align with the theme of “finding your voice.” And while these sessions are primarily geared towards elementary and middle school kids, all school-age children are welcome to attend.

Expanding Art in the Park to Beaverton

This summer, Golden Road Arts is also teaming up with the Beaverton City Library to introduce Art in the Park events at Eichler Park on Wednesdays, and at Pioneer Park each Saturday. This expansion clearly reflects the growing demand and support for accessible arts education within our communities.

As with all our work at Golden Road Arts, Art in the Park stems from the fundamental belief in the transformative power of art education. The skills developed during art classes are also useful in academic subjects, and these in-person events add an additional social dimension to the experience.

Take a look at the full schedule here for the Art in the Park series in both Hillsboro and Beaverton.

The Benefits of Attending Art in the Park

Art in the Park provides a unique opportunity for children to engage with arts education in an outdoor, communal setting. Not only do they get to learn from experienced artists, they also get to express themselves creatively, build confidence in their abilities – and simply have fun.

Art education nurtures many key skills, from fine motor development and spatial awareness to critical thinking and emotional intelligence. And by blending art, community, literacy and storytelling into each event, children receive significant developmental benefits as they continue their artistic journey.

If you would like to support art for children in Oregon, you can donate quickly and easily online.

Free Live Art Events in Hillsboro and Beaverton

Golden Road Arts invites families to join us in Hillsboro and Beaverton this summer for hands-on art lessons. We also offer engaging video content covering informative instructional guides and art literacy tutorials. Watch our free art lessons here.

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Free Summer Art Events for Children

Join Golden Road Arts this summer for free in-person art events and book readings at Hillsboro parks.

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