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Art Projects for Elementary School Students

Elementary school art lessons in Hillsboro
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Last time we were here, we discussed art projects that were perfect for preschoolers. Today, we are going to discuss art projects that are great for elementary school students. As children get older, their manual dexterity, inventiveness and ability to do more complicated art projects all increase.

While having a dedicated art class isn’t as prevalent in schools as it once was, teachers can integrate art into their classroom assignments. By doing this you’ll be teaching the kids essential skills required by the schools, and also encouraging other artistic talents among your students.

These are classroom projects your elementary school students will enjoy doing, and learning from too!

5 Art Projects for Elementary School Children That Combine Art & School Subjects

1. Use Collage Art for a History Lesson

Collage art is an excellent way for kids to explore colors, shapes, textures and creativity. Encourage children to collect clippings from newspapers, magazines and other sources to arrange into unique collage projects. This approach works well for a history project, while giving kids the freedom to explore their creative side.

2. Make 3-D Models in Science

Model making and sculpture encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. As a fun science project for elementary children, why not create a solar system design? Using styrofoam balls, paint or markers and pipe cleaners, students learn about art and design, as well as planet names, the relative size of objects, distance and more.

3. Work With Clay in Math Class

Clay is an ideal material for elementary and preschool art projects. Using clay in art projects, children build sensory development, improve motor skills and grow their inventiveness. Children can work with clay to make animals for science or learn shapes for math, as the material is adaptable to many activities and projects.

4. Color Wheel Art for Teaching Fractions

Color wheels help children learn about primary and secondary colors, along with warm and cool color concepts. There are many color wheel designs of varying complexities, making them suitable for children of all ages. You could teach kids about color theory by creating a color wheel – which can also be a pie chart to teach fractions.

5. Leaf Print Art and Science Go Together

An important reason why kids need art is to learn about the natural world. Leaf print art encourages children to focus on the shapes and textures of leaves for a fun and educational science project. Simply collect leaves from different trees, apply paint and start the printmaking process.

Add Art & Education to Your Elementary School Classroom

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