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Creative Art Projects for Kids With Disabilities

Art projects for children with disabilities.
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Art is a chance for kids to express themselves and have fun with creativity. At Golden Road Arts we work to create inclusive free art lessons for kids with disabilities, ensuring that every child can experience the benefits of an art education. The following adaptable and accessible art projects will help inspire children with diverse abilities to engage in the joy of creativity.

Accessible Art Lessons for Children With Disabilities

We have a variety of exciting art projects that were created with every child in mind, from young children exploring art for the first time to those who already have some experience.

Sensory Art With Playdough

Create a multi-sensory experience with playdough and encourage children to explore textures and colors by adding items like beads or sequins. This activity provides a tactile experience suitable for many children with sensory processing issues, and encourages fine motor skills.

Adaptive Painting Tools

Use painting tools designed or modified for ease of use, such as large or easy-grip brushes. Tools adapted for use from wheelchairs help enable children with various physical disabilities to paint with minimal assistance. Children can more easily experiment with different painting styles with the appropriate tools.

Nature Art

Gather natural materials like leaves, twigs and pebbles for children to create nature-inspired art. Accessible projects can include arranging items on adhesive paper to make collages, or using the items as stamps to transfer paint. Along with the chance to connect with nature, this project encourages children to practice their motor skills.

Spin Painting

Use a salad spinner to create vibrant patterns that are sure to inspire kids to love art. Children can drop paint onto paper placed inside the spinner, then watch as the colors swirl together when spun. This activity is accessible for children with limited hand mobility and offers a unique way to engage with color and pattern.

Tactile Collages

Collect materials with varied textures such as scraps of fabric, pieces of foam, buttons, sand and so on. Children can then glue the materials to a card base in fun and unique ways. The exercise provides a sensory experience for children with visual impairments or sensory sensitivities.

Large-Scale Mural Painting

Set up a large canvas or paper roll on a wall or floor and encourage children to get creative with brushes, rollers or even their hands and feet. This inclusive activity can be adapted for children of varying mobility levels, and helps nurture collaboration with other students.

Digital Art Making

Modern tablets and computers can be customized for accessibility, helping kids with fine motor difficulties or visual impairments to create digital paintings or drawings. The range of settings on digital devices helps ensure children with disabilities can receive a comprehensive art education.

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