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Creative Ways to Engage Your Middle School Child in Art

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By the time children reach middle school, they will have developed more precise fine motor skills, acquired indispensable artistic techniques, as well as gained some knowledge of art history. To capitalize on this enhanced skill set, kids need age-appropriate art lessons that engage their creative abilities. The best art lessons will take the foundational learning from elementary school and expand on it to encourage further development.

How to Engage a Middle School Child in Art

As children progress through middle school, it’s essential to continuously adapt art lessons to their developing skills and interests. Let’s explore how parents and teachers can engage middle school children in art.

Integrate Technology With Art

As kids grow up they typically become more familiar with digital devices. This proficiency with technology can actually open up many engaging creative opportunities. Graphic design tools, animation apps and digital art software offer new ways to create art at home or in the classroom.

Provide Art Supplies for Middle School Kids

A tip for inspiring your kids to love art is to introduce new and engaging art supplies. Sketchbooks are a great way to maintain consistency, and printmaking supplies let children develop a hands-on artistic technique. And of course, quality watercolor sets offer many possibilities.

Develop Sustainable Art Projects

Many middle school children will find environmental themes and sustainable practices to be inspiring. Art offers many opportunities to explore these themes, particularly when using recycled materials. Whether creating collages from old magazines or building sculptures with scrap materials, sustainable art adds a new perspective to the creative process.

Create a Weekly Art Movement Theme

Learning about different art movements contributes to art literacy and an understanding of the styles of visionary artists. Increased cultural awareness is another benefit. Setting a weekly theme encourages children to immerse themselves in the artists and artworks of a particular period. Our video lessons, including this guide on the Post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, are a great place to start.

Combine Art With Complementary Subjects

While many people think of art as distinct from other subjects studied at school, art can integrate perfectly into various projects. In fact, many aspects of science and mathematics are better understood when accompanied by visual elements. For example, a lesson about the earth’s layers can be visualized as part of an art project.

Let Children Choose a Project Theme

Another technique is to let children create their own art projects based on their interests. From video games to fashion, empowering children to develop ideas gives them freedom in their work. And if they need inspiration, our free art lessons for middle school kids can help.

Access Free Art Lessons for Middle School Children

For a wide range of tutorials and projects designed to inspire and nurture your child’s artistic skills, browse our collection of lessons for elementary and middle school students. To support us as we develop new guides for parents and teachers, please consider donating to Golden Road Arts.

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