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What Are the Different Types of Art Kids Can Create?

Types of art
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Art is a form of expression that enriches all our lives, whether we are creating art ourselves or experiencing a work of art. At Golden Road Arts in Hillsboro, we get to see firsthand the positive benefits of art lessons for kids in their overall development. Because art is incredibly diverse, children often gravitate towards an art form that resonates with them.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Art?

While one may traditionally think of art as being either a painting or sculpture, there are many different types of art. Today let’s examine some of these various art forms.

1. Sculpture

Sculpture is an ancient art form that typically uses materials like clay, stone, metal and wood. Modern sculptors have a wide range of materials that can be manipulated into traditional or contemporary styles, and techniques like carving, casting and welding offer room for experimentation. In our online art gallery we feature sculptural works for sale from artists including Martin Conley and Tony Furtado.

2. Literature

Literature uses words to tell stories in the form of novels and poetry. Children often begin telling their own stories at a very young age, before they start writing. It’s possible to encourage storytelling using art to spur the imagination – with drawing, coloring, paper and glue for example – again, before a child even starts to read and write.

3. Painting

There are many different styles of painting including modernism, impressionism, surrealism and painterly art. At Golden Road Arts, children can learn the history of these painting styles and also the techniques involved in creating artwork of a particular type.

4. Architecture

We are often exposed to incredible architectural structures but may not pay close attention. However, structures tell stories about the time they were built, the skill of the architect and so on. Some of the free art lessons we provide are based on drawing lines and shapes – the fundamentals of great architecture.

5. Performing Arts

The performing arts can include theater, dance and music. Many arts of this type combine different skills to deliver a performance. For example, a theater performance uses writing, set design and lighting, acting and more to create an engaging production.

6. Graphic Arts

The graphic arts involve many visual styles created on a flat surface. Traditionally, the approach includes drawing and painting. This style of art developed to include printmaking, collages and other creative use of visual language and experimentation. In addition, the modern era now includes digital art created on a computer. Here at Golden Road Arts, we feature printmaking with many different mediums – crayons, markers, map pencils and paints.

7. Decorative Arts

The decorative arts focus on works that are beautiful and have a purpose. Common examples of decorative art include mosaics, textiles and jewelry. Artist Cheryl Cameron combines two types of art to make her creations – textiles and painting.

Is Creating One Type of Art More Important Than Another for Kids?

When it comes to creating art there is no “right or wrong” answer. The most important factor is to get children to use their creativity. The goal is to get young people to conceive an idea and turn it into something beautiful. At Golden Road Arts, our free art lessons help children to imagine an artwork and learn the skills to make it a reality.

Explore the Many Types of Art With Our Free Art Lessons

At Golden Road Arts, we provide free art lessons for children using online videos and in-person events. If you are a parent or teacher looking for high-quality instructional content, watch our free art lessons now. You can also help us continue to deliver exceptional free content when you buy art from our online art gallery.

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