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From creativity and problem-solving to relaxation and self-esteem, the benefits of art are endless. Access to free art lessons for kids is an important part of their development, assisting with fine motor skills, language, communication, math and science. However, parents and teachers without an art background can often struggle to come up with age-appropriate projects. If you want to encourage a love for the arts in children, try some of the following art lessons for kids.

10 Free Art Lessons for Elementary and Middle School Kids

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on materials to create fun, creative projects. Using the standard art supplies found in many homes or classrooms, you can design art projects for kids of all ages.

1. Handprint Art

Handprint art is perfect for young children starting out on their art journey. With some washable paint and paper, a child can begin to make simple shapes.

2. Paper Bag Puppet

Glue colored paper onto a paper bag in the shape of a cartoon character or animal. Kids can also introduce storytelling into art with their puppets. Here’s our how-to on making paper bag puppets.

3. Sculpting With Play-Doh

Play-Doh helps a child develop the fine motor skills necessary for all types of art. Young children can create simple shapes, naturally progressing to more sophisticated designs.

4. Butterfly Art

Butterfly designs encourage kids to think about color combinations. Combine basic supplies like tissue paper, construction paper or card stock, crayons and paint for a fun project.

5. Scarecrow Project

Incorporate popsicle sticks and craft paper to make a scarecrow design. Try to add complexity as a child becomes more proficient.

6. Simple Coloring Projects

Coloring is fun for all ages. Watch as their projects become more intricate as the child improves their motor skills and color awareness.

7. Kandinsky-Inspired Painting

Kandinsky combined shapes, lines and colors to make groundbreaking abstract art. Teach art literacy using Kandinsky’s life and techniques as a starting point for a project.

8. Seasonal Projects

Make scary Halloween face masks using thick paper, crayons, scissors and string. As an alternative, create a snowman with paper plates, buttons, twigs and other materials from the home or garden.

9. Optical Illusion Art

Op art is one of the best free art lessons for older children. Optical illusions encourage kids to think about patterns, shapes, color – even math and science – as the illusions require planning and concentration.

10. Collaborative Drawing

Art events encourage collaboration among children. One approach is to put children into groups and encourage them to collaborate on a project using existing household materials (no further spending needed).

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Art lessons are a crucial part of a child’s learning and development years. At Golden Road Arts, we produce quality art content for elementary and middle school kids. To find out more, check out our free art lessons now. You can also support us using our online art gallery or with a donation.

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