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Easy Spring Art Projects for Preschoolers

Spring art projects for Oregon preschoolers.
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Spring is an incredible time for preschoolers to start new art projects inspired by the vibrant colors of the season. If you’ve tried our online art lessons for kids, you’ll already know that preschoolers are always eager to learn new techniques. Combining age-appropriate art skills with a spring theme is an excellent way to help your child’s development. So with that thought in mind, let’s look at some of our favorite spring art projects for preschoolers.

Top Spring-Themed Art Lessons for Preschool Children

At this age, many children will develop improved motor skills and better focus, allowing them to take on more advanced challenges. And while each child’s abilities will vary, the following spring projects will be accessible for most.

Create a Playdough Garden

Preschoolers love to create shapes and simple sculptures with playdough. As the weather starts to change, getting outside will often lead to an interest in flowers, plants and nature in general. Encourage children to design a playdough garden with flowers and leaves based on the shapes and colors they have witnessed.

Design a Nature-Themed Collage

Spending time in nature is also a great opportunity to collect leaves, twigs, flowers and other potential materials for a spring project. After gathering these materials, let the children experiment with different positions and placements before gluing them onto cardstock.

Paint a Watercolor Rainbow

Developing fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities are a couple of the advantages of introducing children to art at an early age. For example, while preschoolers can imagine a rainbow, they may not yet understand how to plan and complete a rainbow painting from scratch. Walk them through this process, discussing color blending, brushwork and other important skills.

Draw Crayon Resist Flowers

Crayon resist is an art technique guaranteed to engage preschoolers. Have a child draw spring-themed designs (such as flowers or anything that inspires them) using a white crayon on white paper. Then when they paint over the drawing with watercolors, the hidden design is revealed.

Spring Drip Painting

Discuss some colors that are associated with spring, such as orange, yellow, warm green and light brown. Next, add paints in these colors to droppers and drip them onto paper. Using a straw, the child can then blow the paint around to create abstract patterns and shapes.

Design Butterfly Prints

Printing with sponges is one of our favorite free art lessons for kids. Simply cut out butterfly shapes in sponge material, then have the child add paint to one side. The paint-laden sponge can be used as a stamp to create a fun spring-themed butterfly design.

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