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Free Easy Summer Art Projects for All Ages

Oregon summer art projects.
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Summer is the perfect time for kids to get creative with accessible art projects. At Golden Road Arts, we recently listed some of our favorite summer art projects for elementary school children. And today, we have more free summer art projects suitable for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Top Summer Art Projects for Kids

Many engaging art projects are simple enough for pre-k children to try, and can be easily adapted to suit kids in middle school as well. Let’s look at some of the best summer art projects available from Golden Road Arts.

Creating Collage Art

Collage art combines a variety of skills within a single project. Children learn intricate skills like cutting, tearing and sticking items onto paper while also using design skills, composition and critical thinking.

This lesson covers the basics of how to make a collage using old magazines or newspapers. Kids learn how to cut and glue artistic elements to make a new design. Employing techniques involving foreground, background and different dimensions, it’s possible to create an entirely new piece from found materials.

A Guide to Drawing Faces

Learning to draw helps improve fine motor skills and build a child’s concentration levels. During drawing lessons, kids learn to pay attention to the world around them and translate a concept onto paper or canvas.

In this lesson on how to draw faces, Barbara Mason explains the basics of creating balanced facial features. While the instructional guide is suitable for younger children, older children (who may add more intricate layers to the drawing as they grow in confidence) will benefit as well.

Impressionist Art Inspired by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was an American impressionist painter who used bold colors and brushstrokes in her work. With much of her life spent in the vibrant Paris art scene, Mary Cassatt is renowned for her contributions to the impressionist movement.

During our recent summer art projects for middle school children, we covered art inspired by Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and more. This lesson is another from our look at art history, with Barbara Mason demonstrating some of Mary Cassatt’s techniques with watercolors and pencils.

Fun Leaf and Flower Bookmarks

Creating artistic bookmarks is fun for children of all ages, while also encouraging an interest in reading. Kids can get creative, using their imagination to design unique patterns.

Creating leaf and flower bookmarks was a popular art lesson from a series of live art and literacy events in Oregon. Kids learn the basics of creating bookmark designs, and may use our free template for an accessible introduction to the process.

Access Free Summer Art Projects With Golden Road Arts

Golden Road Arts creates instructional art content for kids of all ages. When you want high-quality art projects for at-home use or in the classroom, look at our library today. Watch free art lessons here.

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