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Fun Free Art Lessons Kids Love for Spring

Free art lessons for spring in Hillsboro
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With spring just around the corner, we know that it’s the perfect time to feature some fun free art lessons for kids. For most kids the school year is half over and spring break is on the horizon. And whether you’re an elementary or middle school teacher looking for fun art to do with school-aged children, or a parent looking for productive activities to do on weekends or during spring break, at Golden Road Arts we’re here to help.

Popular Spring Art Projects for Kids

We have all kinds of art projects and educational videos at Golden Road Arts. Here are some of our most engaging lessons for kids to try this spring.

Leaf and Flower Bookmarks

Bookmark art projects are fun for kids of all ages, plus they only require simple art supplies like crayons – and a free template available from our making leaf and flower bookmarks page. The project itself is accessible and adaptable for different age groups, and can help inspire a love for art, nature and reading.

Butterfly Kites

Children are often fascinated by the colors and movement of butterflies. By creating butterfly kites, kids get to experience the sensory experience of a butterfly moving through the air. The different sections of a butterfly’s wings also allow for creative coloring and learning about color combinations.

Easy Art Projects

One fun springtime art project is simply to get creative with the art supplies already in the home. There are many easy art projects using crayons and markers. In this lesson, Barbara Mason shows how to draw animals, monsters, balloons and fish outlines before adding color to the image.

Salt Paintings and Sculpting Playdough

Kids love creating salt paintings as the process is satisfying and introduces texture to art projects. Over spring break, why not add some textural quality to a traditional watercolor project? The second project in this lesson is a demonstration of how to sculpt playdough into simple, fun objects. As the weather warms up for spring, kids can find sculpting inspiration from various objects or places, whether indoors or outside in nature.

Homemade Playdough

Our final art project for kids this spring is guaranteed to be a fun experience. With some everyday kitchen items, parents can demonstrate how to make homemade playdough. Making homemade playdough encourages children to think about the materials they use within their various art projects, and the process is easier than most people think.

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Golden Road Arts is committed to developing the highest quality art content for elementary and middle school kids. For instructional guides and art literacy lessons, watch our free art lessons now. If you would like to support us further, please consider buying art from our online art gallery.

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