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Fun Summer Art Projects for Elementary School Children

Summer art projects in Oregon.
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At Golden Road Arts, we believe kids deserve free access to age-appropriate art lessons. Our recent summer art projects for middle school children offered a broad selection of tutorials for pre-teens and teenagers. Today we have compiled some of our favorite summer projects for elementary school children, and as always they are available for free through our online library.

Best Summer Art Projects for Elementary School Children

Needing art supplies should never stand in the way of creativity and a child’s artistic development. That’s why we present a selection of projects that use simple, accessible art materials you’re likely to have at home.

Coloring & Decorating a Robot Collage

Collage art is an excellent way for children to develop fine motor skills. Kids learn how to glue, stick, cut and tape elements to create a unique design. In this project, the aim is to color and decorate a robot collage using buttons, crayons, googly eyes and other materials.

With the robot template included in the project, younger children can focus on coloring within the lines and additional decorative touches. Over time, they will learn to create their own templates and add more intricate design elements.

Fun Art Projects With Accessible Materials

While having access to quality art supplies is certainly beneficial, there’s also much to be said for limiting your options.Creating art using accessible household materials helps children focus on simple methods and definitely helps encourage creativity.

This project combines several techniques, including mask-making, monster drawing and designing a hot air balloon. Best of all, you can complete these projects with just paper, pencils, glue and tape.

Making Portraits With Household Supplies

Learning portrait art is a valuable process for elementary school children. During these earlier years of development, children learn to translate what they see into their artwork using lines, shapes and patterns.

This project demonstrates how to make a portrait using household supplies. Children create eyes, nose and a mouth, cut them out and place them onto a paper bag. While the project may appear simple, it requires attention to detail, hand-eye coordination and a creative imagination.

Engaging Finger Puppet Art and Texture Projects

Storytelling is a crucial aspect of art, helping children explain their projects and their artistic process. Through a combination of art and storytelling, elementary school children can improve literacy and also become more effective communicators.

This fun project uses the story of the Three Little Pigs to create engaging finger puppet art. In addition, kids learn about texture in art by incorporating bubble wrap, cardboard and other materials into their designs.

Watch Free Art Lessons for Elementary School Children

Golden Road Arts has a vast collection of art projects for elementary and middle school children. Browse our series of instructional videos and studies of famous artists from history for a comprehensive arts education. Watch our free art lessons now.

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