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Fun Thanksgiving Art Projects for Kids of All Ages

Thanksgiving art projects for Portland kids.
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Welcome back to Golden Road Arts for another of our free lessons on creating art at home. And if you missed our recent post featuring Portland artist Tony Furtado, you’ll absolutely want to catch up and view for some incredible insights into his music and sculpting.

Today, we’re focusing on a few of our favorite Thanksgiving art projects for kids of all ages. Each of the lessons offers plenty of fun – while also helping a child’s creative development in various ways.

Top Thanksgiving Art Projects for Children

The colors, themes, history and emphasis on gratitude make Thanksgiving the perfect time to channel a child’s creative spirit. Here are some popular Thanksgiving art projects kids will enjoy.

Handprint Turkey Art

Using non-toxic paint, have the child paint their palm and fingers. Next, to create the turkey’s feathers, the child will press their hand onto construction paper (ensuring fingers are well-separated for the “feathers” to fan out).

Younger kids can add some additional paint and googly eyes, while older children could experiment with mixed media materials. This simple project is useful for improving fine motor skills.

Thankful Tree

Another popular Thanksgiving art project is a “thankful tree,” or gratitude tree. Simply cut leaf shapes out of cardboard and have every family member write down things they are grateful for.

If you can find a fallen tree branch nearby, hang the leaves on the branch using string. Or, draw or paint a tree and stick the gratitude leaves onto the branches. This project combines creativity with communication to aid in a child’s social development.

Homemade Napkin Rings

If you’re a regular at Golden Road Arts, you know how to make a vibrant Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece. Well, homemade napkin rings are another fine addition to the table. First, cut paper towel or toilet paper roll cores into 2-inch segments, then cover the cores in colored fabric or craft paper and glue them in place.

With the basic napkin ring completed, kids can get creative with patterns, beads, googly eyes and other additions. As it involves designing an object that is both attractive and functional, this exercise is valuable for a child’s development.

Cornucopia Art

The cornucopia is a symbol of Thanksgiving and represents a bountiful harvest. For younger children, parents can draw the horn shape of the cornucopia for them, and kids can also draw an array of harvest items using colored pens.

Older children can add more complexity by creating a cornucopia collage using magazine cutouts of fruits and vegetables. By discussing the symbolism of the art, children can learn about art literacy and storytelling in the creative process.

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