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Fun Ways to Develop Kids’ Artistic Ability

Art development for Oregon kids.
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Developing kids’ artistic ability is a fun and rewarding experience with benefits for math, science, literacy and creativity. Engaging in art projects at home allows young children to grow in confidence and make incremental improvements. Today we’ll explore various ways kids can improve their artistic skills, while maintaining the fun and excitement inherent in the creative process.

What Are the Best Ways to Improve a Kid’s Artistic Ability

Regardless of a child’s age or current ability, many exercises encourage the pursuit of artistic skill and creativity. The following examples are some of our favorite approaches for parents and teachers to implement.

Build an Art Supply Kit Together

Art supplies are an indispensable part of the creative process. From colored pencils and crayons to paper and playdough, supplies encourage children to try many art forms. Building an art supply kit with your child involves them in the activity, even when you are just sourcing materials from items in the home.

Use Collaborative Art Projects

Collaborating on art projects with friends or family encourages teamwork and communication. Children can learn new techniques from others and build self-confidence through positive feedback.

Create a Roadmap for Developing Artistic Talent

As we discussed previously, there are four key stages in children’s artistic development. Helping kids reach these milestones is possible through a structured plan. For young children, exercises like finger painting assist with simple motor skill development. As the child grows, primary colors, structured drawing, shading, perspective, art history and other concepts and techniques further develop their artistic abilities.

Set an Art Challenge

Setting themed art challenges can focus a child’s attention on learning a specific skill. Examples could include nature-inspired art or a self-portrait. With weekly or monthly art challenges, kids are encouraged to work within a structure and time frame.

Apply Multiple Styles of Art Education

Teaching different art styles ensures that children receive a broad education appropriate for their age. For example, an art literacy class on historical painters could follow a fun exercise such as splatter painting.

Attend an Art Workshop

Art workshops allow children to learn from trained and experienced artists in a new setting. Lessons often introduce new materials like clay, or a style of art like collage.

Try a New Art Exercise Each Week

Integrating a new weekly art exercise can help maintain progress and an interest in improving. To avoid overwhelming a child, you can adapt the training based on results from the previous week and their current level. Exercises could be as simple as learning a new shape or as complex as a mixed media collage. Our free art lessons for kids are a great place to start developing exercises.

Watch Lessons to Develop Kids’ Artistic Ability

Golden Road Arts provides parents and teachers with high-quality art lessons for elementary and middle school children. Our video library contains instructional and art literacy tutorials to help improve artistic ability. To support us, please consider making a donation today.

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