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Fun Winter-Themed Art Projects for Kids

Hillsboro winter art projects for kids
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With the temperature cooling off, having fun art projects to do with the kids – whether at home or in school – is always a good idea.

Here we have gathered three winter-themed art projects available on Golden Road Arts to work on with kids. We also want to share some other creative ideas that will be fun for children to create over the winter months.

Best Winter-Themed Art Projects for Kids

Winter themes are perfect for sparking the imagination and getting creative. Make sure to visit each of the following pages for full project details.

How to Create a Winter Scene Using Paper Pop-Ups

3D paper pop-ups help to bring your art to life. With simple materials found around the house, kids can learn how to transform Christmas trees, snowflakes and other winter designs into fun pop-up art.

How to Make Garland and Snowflakes With Barbara and Artey

In this lesson, Barbara Mason demonstrates how children can design snowflakes using only paper, scissors and tape. With careful cutting and folding, kids learn how to turn a simple idea into a finished work.

How to Make Moose Antlers

Here, Barbara takes easily accessible materials like crayons and brown paper and turns them into a moose antler headband. This project is fast and fun, and helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Bonus Winter-Themed Art Projects for Children

When you’ve finished with the Golden Road Arts winter art projects, you can try some of these ideas as well.

Winter Sugar Painting

Add some water to powdered sugar and you get a paint-like substance perfect for an art project. Why not create snowflakes using a paintbrush and some glitter for added decoration?

Polar Bear Paper Plates

Kids can have plenty of fun creating the distinctive face of a polar bear using paper plates. With only some glue, card and scissors, you can create an outline and then enhance the design with buttons, cotton balls and other decorations.

Mixed Media Winter Scene

Encourage children to use their imagination with a range of art materials. Using paints, crayons, magazines, old Christmas cards and other materials, kids get to create a scene inspired by themes from the season.

Tinfoil Decorations

Tinfoil is a perfect material for winter-themed art. Children can cut and fold tinfoil into tree decorations. And adding some paint to the tinfoil can create an eye-catching stained glass effect.

Tissue Paper Snowman

A tissue paper snowman is a fun alternative to a painting or crayon design. Using scrunched-up tissue paper, kids can develop a snowman shape, then add googly eyes, buttons and other elements to finish.

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