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Grey Raven Gallery Welcomes Art Lovers in Oregon

Grey Raven Gallery opening in Beaverton

Beaverton, Oregon welcomes a vibrant addition to its art scene with the opening of Grey Raven Gallery. As a division of Golden Road Arts, this contemporary space will support art for kids via an in-person art gallery, regular events and engaging artist exhibitions. And with a diverse range of art from some of the Northwest’s best-loved artists, there’s truly something for each art lover to appreciate.

What to Expect at Grey Raven Gallery

Grey Raven Gallery was founded by Barbara Mason and Martin Conley. The art gallery is a community-focused, inclusive space created to provide the community with an art gallery full of beautiful works, to support local artists – and to fund free art lessons for children.

Visitors to the Beaverton location can expect a variety of artist exhibitions, art events, interviews, special events and hands-on art lessons. Driven by the founders’ passion for the arts, the gallery will inspire, educate and entertain art enthusiasts of all ages.

For the many families who enjoyed our free art lessons for spring guide, you may appreciate a trip to the gallery over the coming months. This summer Grey Raven Gallery will host the Free Art Lessons for Kids Summer of 2023 event on the first Saturday of each month. With the opportunity to learn from some talented local artists, this event is not to be missed.

A Non-Profit Oregon Gallery Giving Back to the Community

Grey Raven Gallery takes pride in its 501(c)(3) status and its dedication to promoting art education. By purchasing artwork through the gallery, patrons contribute to funding free art lessons for children in collaboration with Golden Road Arts.

Formerly hosted at Golden Road Arts, the online art gallery is now to be found exclusively on the Grey Raven Gallery website. This means visitors can experience and acquire art in-person or online, providing an immersive way to connect with Oregon’s artistic talents.

A Video Production Studio for High-Quality Content

In addition, Grey Raven Gallery features a brand-new video production studio that was developed to upgrade the free art lessons found at Golden Road Arts. And for educational institutions, businesses and other organizations that need quality videos produced for their marketing and educational campaigns, the studio is also available for hire. Profits generated from these projects will go towards the Golden Road Arts mission of providing free art lessons for children.

The opening of Grey Raven Gallery marks an exciting new era for the local art community. As a space to promote artistic expression and nurture youth through art education content, the gallery is a much-needed addition to Beaverton. And with many art events in Oregon on the horizon, make sure to visit the Grey Raven Gallery website to stay up-to-date.

Watch Free Art Lessons for Children

Golden Road Arts develops high-quality video art content for elementary and middle school children. Funds from Grey Raven Gallery go towards the ongoing production of our art curriculum, ensuring kids can access the best free art lessons. To support us, please consider donating.

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Free Summer Art Events for Children

Join Golden Road Arts this summer for free in-person art events and book readings at Hillsboro parks.

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