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How Art Helps Kids Develop Life Skills

Life skills development with Hillsboro art lessons
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Time and again, creating art has been shown to help kids learn about the world. With an age-appropriate curriculum of elementary and middle school art lessons, kids develop practical life skills that aid their overall development. At Golden Road Arts, through our Hillsboro art events, we have seen how children directly benefit from hands-on art education. The following are just some of the life skills kids can develop.

10 Valuable Life Skills Kids Develop With Art

Quality, consistent art lessons encourage children to develop a range of physical and mental skills.

1. Creative Self-Expression

From finger painting and tracing to collage and sculpture, art helps children use their imagination and explore the various ways that color, shapes, patterns and texture can express their emotions.

2. Self-Esteem

The sense of accomplishment from completing an artwork is a great motivator. Kids build up their confidence by conceptualizing and then finishing a project, aided by the encouragement of parents and teachers.

3. Emotional Development

Art projects offer numerous ways to express emotions and learn about empathy. By creating art and discussing the work, children can develop an emotional understanding of themselves and their peers.

4. Academic Improvements

Arts and creative literacy are important for learning about history and its role in artistic styles and techniques. In fact, understanding the broader context of art assists a child’s development across many subjects.

5. Fine Motor Skills

Art helps in the development of finger, hand and wrist strength. These skills improve precision and assist with writing, as well as provide a foundation for getting dressed, tying shoelaces, eating and more.

6. Storytelling

The ability to tell stories is crucial for bonding with others and communicating effectively – and storytelling also helps improve language skills. Thankfully, storytelling is intrinsic to the creative process and art in general.

7. Focused Learning

Art is one of the best ways to hold a child’s attention for long periods. It also helps build focus and concentration skills. In turn, the ability to maintain focus helps with reading, studying and math problems.

8. Communication Skills

Art is not only about creating a drawing or painting. Parents and teachers can encourage children to discuss their artwork, helping strengthen the child’s communication skills.

9. Problem Solving

Transforming an idea into a finished artwork requires perseverance, risk-taking, examining options and working toward solutions. The problem-solving skills that art can develop will stay with a child throughout their life.

10. Teamwork

Creating art in the classroom is often a collaborative endeavor, requiring communication, sharing and compromise. Naturally, the ability to work within a team is a life skill best developed as early as possible.

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