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How You Can Help Provide Free Art Lessons for Kids

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At Golden Road Arts, we believe elementary and middle school children deserve easy access to the best-quality free art lessons for kids. With the help of the many people who support art for kids by donating to us each year, we continue to produce free art lessons and in-person events in the Hillsboro area. If you are wondering how you can best support local children’s creative development, here are our top suggestions.

7 Ways You Can Help Provide Free Art Lessons for Kids

1. Donate Monetarily

The end of the year is a great time to make a monetary donation to free art lessons for kids. Researching, developing and producing high-quality art tutorials and live events takes significant investment. And with the continued help of our donors and sponsors, we can ensure every child gets access to an outstanding arts education. In addition, donating to a nonprofit such as Golden Road Arts is tax-deductible.

2. Donate Your Time

Some of the best places to get free art lessons for kids include schools, libraries, community centers and other in-person events. Thanks to the volunteers who donate their time to these events, children get to experience live tutorials and fun activities that inspire their creativity.

3. Donate Art to Sell

Are you a talented artist seeking an outlet for your work? With our online art gallery featuring some of the best artists from Hillsboro and across Oregon, Golden Road Arts can help. Donating art to sell in our gallery also supports us in providing future free art lessons for child development.

4. Shop at Our Online Art Gallery

Shopping at our online art gallery is another way to help provide free art lessons for children. Sales proceeds are shared by the artist and the gallery, meaning that buyers can support the skilled artists who partner with us, as well as Golden Road Arts and its efforts in children’s art education.

5. Donate Art Supplies

For some children, a lack of access to art supplies is a barrier to artistic development. However, by donating art supplies we can provide attendees at our live events with the materials they need to follow along.

6. Spread the Word

Over the years we have built an extensive library of free art videos and guides for kids. Simply spreading the word about Golden Road Arts can make a difference and introduce parents, educators and children to our content.

7. Sponsor an Event

Our free art events are fun, interactive experiences for kids and their families to attend. We aim to encourage creativity with a solid foundation in art literacy. By sponsoring an event, you can help deliver an occasion that inspires a love for the arts in children.

Support Free Art Lessons for Kids With a Donation

Golden Road Arts is committed to creating and promoting the best free art lessons for kids. To support Barbara Mason and other Oregon artists in creating instructional guides and live community events, please consider making a donation. You can also help our efforts when you buy art from our online art gallery.

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