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How Parents Can Teach Art Literacy at Home

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Thanks for joining us once more for a new free art lesson with Golden Road Arts. Practicing art at home is crucial for a child’s development – and art literacy is an important pillar in this process. As a child’s creative endeavors outside the classroom also influence their overall academic progress, we wanted to offer some practical tips for teaching art literacy at home. And don’t forget to check out our summer art tips for kids for more creative ideas.

Tips to Help Parents Teach Art Literacy at Home

Art literacy is a key aspect in a well-rounded education, helping children develop cognitive, emotional and social skills. While schools may (or may not) provide some art education, parents can play a pivotal role in enhancing their child’s art literacy at home. The following suggestions can help you get started.

  • Create a dedicated art space in your home with accessible materials and tools.
  • Introduce famous artists and art movements through books, documentaries and online resources.
  • Create art projects that combine art with reading, storytelling, grammar and other topics.
  • Discuss and analyze artworks with your child, using open-ended questions to prompt critical thinking.
  • Make art a part of everyday life by incorporating it into family activities and routines.
  • Use technology to access online resources such as video tutorials, virtual museum tours and interactive art apps.
  • Collaborate on art projects with your child to learn together and strengthen bonds.
  • Explore art from different cultures to broaden your child’s understanding of the world.
  • Connect art to other subjects such as literature, history or science – an important way for art literacy to improve a child’s homelife.
  • Encourage experimentation with unconventional materials and creative problem-solving.
  • Help your child create a portfolio to document their artistic progress and growth.
  • Encourage art appreciation by pointing out artistic elements in everyday life, and listen to your child’s thoughts and feelings about what they see.
  • Make use of drawing, painting, sculpting, collage and other art styles.

Teaching Art Literacy in Everyday Life

Of course, art literacy lessons outside the classroom need not be confined to the home. Children also benefit from getting outside and experiencing art in a different context. For example, attending a local workshop or visiting a gallery lets children see great art up-close and in-person, while also learning about the life and history of the artist.

Many towns and cities showcase art and creativity in parks and other locations. Any examples of creativity can provide accessible art lessons for children, with the opportunity to analyze, discuss, interpret and reflect on the work.

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Golden Road Arts develops art literacy and instructional content for elementary and middle school children. Our videos and in-person events are vital in helping children develop a love for creativity and the arts. Watch free art lessons here – and we cover art literacy too.

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