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Making Collages in the Classroom Can Be Fun & Educational

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Thanks for joining us again for another free art lesson. Today we’re looking at the subject of collage art. You might like a refresher on the topic from one of our previous lessons – How to Make a Collage.

In today’s lesson, we’re looking at creating art in the classroom with collages.

Creating Collage Art in the Classroom

Collage is a great choice of art for children as it brings together a range of different skills. In addition, collage is also extremely flexible, so it can be adapted for the age and ability of the individual child. You can use simple items in the classroom or from home, get creative and have fun – and learn at the same time. Here are some of the main ways kids learn from making a collage.

Materials and Textures

Collage lets kids get familiar with all types of textures and how they interact with each other. It’s easy to come into contact with a type of material, yet not really appreciate its feel, weight and strength. By mindfully applying different materials to their art, children become more aware of the qualities of fabrics and other items they encounter each day.

Shapes and Patterns

Collage art is a perfect medium for learning about shapes and patterns. Kids can discuss different shapes and how they would fit into a broader design. With the option of tracing household items, children can learn how to create lines, circles, triangles and other shapes that form a larger design.

Reading Skills and Storytelling

Storytelling is a key part of collage art and children usually enjoy explaining what they have created. Using newspaper or magazine stories and images, a collage could form a piece that flows together using a mix of materials from different sources.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills

As a child becomes more proficient, they will usually want to create more intricate designs. You could encourage them to add string, tissue paper, newspaper, photographs, wood and other items that require measuring, adjusting and manipulating to build a collage. As a result, children will improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills that benefit all types of art and other activities.

Simple Collage Ideas for Kids in the Classroom

  • Read a story in a newspaper and create a collage based on the concept.
  • Learn about animals and create a collage on the theme.
  • Collect leaves, flowers and other items and make a nature collage.
  • Use cereal or candy to make patterns then use them make a collage.
  • Design seasonal collages at Halloween or Christmas.
  • Learn about family trees and develop a collage on the concept.

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