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Making Leaf and Flower Bookmarks – Template Included

Flower and leaf bookmark art project

Thanks for joining us again as we show how to create art at home using simple materials. If you missed the last lesson, you can watch it here – How to Create Butterfly Kites.

Today Barbara Mason is demonstrating how to make leaf and flower bookmarks. This art project was created as part of the 2022 Library on the Loose summer program.

Coloring Nature-Themed Bookmarks Video

Find out how Barbara Mason adds color to nature bookmarks. Use the free templates from Golden Road Arts to create your own bookmarks.

Materials Required for Leaf and Flower Bookmarks

Design Bookmarks With Animals and Flowers

Read the transcript to learn more about the bookmark art project created for the Library on the Loose program. Find out why kids need art and how anyone can participate.

Hello everybody, this is Barbara Mason. Thanks for joining me today at Golden Road Arts. We’re going to be showing you today a project that we’re going to do at a park this summer. We’ve been going around to all the parks, working with the Hillsboro Library, doing a storybook and doing an art project that goes with the storybook.

Our storybook today is about going out into nature, out into the wild and all the things that happened there. And so, we had one of our artists at Golden Road Arts draw these bookmarks. We did different kinds of flowers and we even have a picture of it ready here, he’s peeking around the corner. We’ve got one with some birds and we’ve got one with the city, but also some wild stuff at the bottom. And then we’ve got one with some squirrels. So, we have all these different bookmarks that you’ll be able to color and then on the back of the bookmark it says Golden Road Arts and it has our website on it, so you can go there and find even more great art projects to do. So you can pick which one you want to do or you could actually do more than one.

I think I’m going to do the one with the owls. And I have my huge box of crayons here. This is a box of 64 amazing crayons. So if I want to have gray for my owl. I think owls are kind of grey. And then he’s going to have a yellow beak. Maybe an orange beak? These are fancy crayons, aren’t they? All these different colors, so you could use any colors you want. It doesn’t matter how you color it because it’s your artwork.

So now we’re going to do this branch. This is brown. Or is this red? What does this say on it? It says chestnut. I guess that’s brown and so we’ll color the branch chestnut. I heard not too long ago that they actually had a contest to name the new colors. They did some new colors of crayons and they wanted to have names for them so they had a contest for kids to see what they would name the colors. So, I’m going to color my leaves green here. I’ve got some to color down here. I’ll do them at the same time with the same color. As I said, you can color your stuff any way you want. Any color you want.

So, we should have used our chestnut for our branches down here too. You can color these any way you want and you can color the back any way you want to because it just has our name and our website address on it. So let’s color this one as well. We’re going to have a lot of these bookmarks for you, so you can actually probably have one of each if you want. If you don’t get them all colored at the park, you could take them home and color them there.

Okay, so now I’m guessing that this bird is going to be a bluebird. So we’re gonna make him blue. I don’t know if bluebirds are really this color, but it’s a pretty good color and then we’ll give him an orange beak. And this bird, I don’t know what this one is. It looks like some kind of a parrot. So let’s make him purple. Oh my gosh, look at that. We’ve colored our bookmark and it looks pretty good.

Oh, I think I wanna do Artey. You know, Artey is our mascot here, and he’s a cute little brown bear. A cute little brown bear that spent a lot of time in the studio – a lot of time watching what we’re doing and giving us suggestions. I will just color him brown. You notice that he’s got a looking glass here and he’s looking at stuff. Probably checking out things. You know, if you have a looking glass like Artey’s got in his eye here, if you look through it, things look bigger.

Okay, now I guess we need yellow for the bee. I’ll make him bright yellow, a bumblebee. A yellow bee. We’ve got roses. It could be red or pink. Roses are so pretty and they smell so good, but they have thorns. You don’t want to get stuck. Be careful around roses. All right, there we go.

We’ve got a green here. I wonder if you mix the crayons up, if anybody cares. I’m not going to put them back in the way I took them out. I’m just going to stick them back in there. Now let’s see is there a darker green or is this darker? Boy, those look almost the same. They look a little bit different. I’ll do my leaves here and that part at the very top. There’s an oak – an oak seed. All right, there we go. I’m coloring them green. We’re getting done here. Well, that didn’t take too long.

So now I’ve colored these two and we have five different ones. I’ve colored two of them. So when I see you at the park, I’m hoping that you’ll color all five. And if not, you can take some home with you to color. Do them at home and then you can use these as a place mark when you read your books. A little bookmark, and then you’ll remember Golden Road Arts. It’s right on the back. So thanks for joining me today at Golden Road Arts, and I’ll see you in the park this summer.

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Materials for leaf and flower bookmark design

Barbara Mason creates bookmarks for nature art projects

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