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Martin Conley Recognized by Hillsboro Schools at September 22 Event

Wood sculpture artist Martin Conley being recognized by Hillsboro schools

Martin Conley – Oregon Artist Video

Martin Conley is a third-generation Oregonian creating art in many forms — including painting, photography, and wood sculpture. He studied sculpture at the University of Oregon and has pursued many art forms while working as a contractor. When working with wood commercially, Conley learned about how to make his sculptures. When contemplating a new piece of natural wood, Conley lets his intuition guide him and starts carving. Negative spaces — the parts he carves away — are as important as the wood that remains. He wants the eye to travel in and out of his sculpture as viewers appreciate the cavities, colors and textures of the wood.

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Made from School’s Original Flooring Material Before Rennovation

[HILLSBORO, Ore.] – When the staff and students of Reedville Elementary were felling nostalgic about the renovations to the school, a few creative minds came together and a beautiful art piece was made from some of the school’s original flooring materials – at Golden Road Arts, a Hillsboro arts non-profit and art studio. Local fine artist, wood-sculptor and painter, Martin Conley, was asked to envision a memorable piece of art — to honor the school. The impressive wood sculpture will be revealed, with a brief “meet-and-greet” with the Artist during a Reedville Elementary School administrative seminar, Wednesday, September 22nd at 2:30 pm. This event is not open to the public and is a private administrative event.

“The Hillsboro School District was honored to partner with Golden Road Art Studio and Martin on this project. We continue to value the arts in our schools and working with one of our local artists to create this piece for Reedville Elementary was a very positive experience. Students will be able to enjoy Martin’s work for years to come,” said Mike Scott, Hillsboro Superintendent of Schools. Conley, a Third-generation Oregonian, immediately embraced the project, and began to work on the piece. Martin Conley’s work graces many regional galleries and he welcomes visitors by appointment to his studio at Golden Road Arts, 5459 Golden Road in Hillsboro. “The joy is that wood comes in so many different forms and so many different kinds and you can do soooo much with it,” he says.

“I work two different ways — one way I let the piece of wood tell me what to do — and the other way is to pre-plan the entire piece — I don’t usually know what I’m going to do till I get into it – and the wood lets you know what it wants,” said Martin about his projects. Conley received his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in 1977 and has been creating and displaying his artwork ever since. His sculptures are made from wood salvaged from firewood piles or found on the forest floor — some wood is donated or gifted — and Martin takes these discarded trees and creates the most beautiful and artistic sculptures! He carves holes and grooves into the wood, exposing cavities, colors and textures that were once hidden behind the wood’s weathered exterior. Using unique and unassuming tools, Martin’s workshop mesmerizes most anyone who visits. “The wood tends to have a life — and you kind of stopped it — and hopefully — I’m at the point of giving it some new life — even though the wood is dead — this gives it a new life and hopefully great enjoyment for people to view and look at.”

Story of an art installation at Reedville school by wood sculptor Martin Conley


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