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Tips & Tricks for Inspiring Your Kids to Love Art

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Thanks for joining us once again for more fun art lessons at home and in the classroom. In our previous lesson, we detailed some of our favorite Thanksgiving art projects for kids of all ages. Today, we’re covering an issue that many parents struggle with – how to inspire your children to love art.

Tips for Inspiring Kids to Love Art

Art plays a significant role in a child’s development and delivers benefits throughout their lifetime. With the right inspiration, children can gain from improved academic performance, self-esteem, social skills and much more. Here are tips to inspire the creative spirit in your children.

Start Lessons Early

Creating art is an ongoing process that never really ends. The earlier you can introduce your child to the joys of creativity, the sooner they will pick up the introductory skills of finger painting, coloring books and more. Of course, it’s never too late to start, and with the right guidance older children can be inspired as well.

Provide Simple Art Supplies

It doesn’t take much to get your kids creating art. Depending on their age, you may only need some crayons and paper to inspire some early creativity. Coloring books help kids develop hand-eye coordination, and you can also print designs from the internet. You can even let your kids look around and source their own supplies from in the home, including cups, buttons and so on.

Show Kids Different Types of Art

So many types of art can help inspire creativity in a child. Our fun Thanksgiving art projects are one example, but also try painting and sculpture, Play-Doh art, cartoons (and more) to see what grabs their attention.

Attend Art Workshops and Galleries

Art workshops and galleries let children view artwork in a different context. Your child may gravitate towards a certain painting or sculpture, providing a great opportunity to help them learn. In addition, some workshops will offer the chance to participate and learn from an established local artist in-person.

Use Art Lessons to Socialize

While art might seem like a solitary activity there are many opportunities for collaboration. Getting kids to work cooperatively on a project teaches many lessons, as everyone works towards the end goal together. And by talking about the process, many children will be inspired to pursue further art projects.

Celebrate the Art Your Kids Create

A key reason why kids need art is the confidence building it produces. Children work on creating artwork, then get to see the real-time responses of parents, friends and teachers. When parents celebrate the art and spend time discussing it with their children, a lifelong passion for creativity can be forged.

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