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Using Mixed Media Art Lessons to Engage Students

Mixed media art tutorials for children
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Thanks for joining us for another of our free art lessons for kids. Today we are discussing ways to use mixed media art to develop engaging lessons for young students in Hillsboro and across Portland.

Why Do Kids Love Mixed Media Art Lessons?

Mixed media art is a fun, creative way to engage students with art styles, techniques and materials. With access to a range of art supplies, children are encouraged to experiment with colors, textures and shapes as part of a broader concept.

A mixed media art project typically involves layering materials to create an appealing artwork. Of course, for younger students not used to working with an array of materials, the final piece could lose its form. However, through the process of experimentation, children learn about problem-solving and how colors and textures complement each other.

Following structured lessons also encourages experimentation within certain boundaries. For example, limiting a project to three materials helps a child think about how the items will work well together. Students must employ creative thinking, visual-spatial skills and controlled risk-taking to build a cohesive piece.

Examples of Mixed Media Art Lessons

All you really need to create an engaging mixed media art lesson is art supplies and a concept. Here are some easy ideas to get you started.

  • Mixed media painting – Follow our guide on mixed media painting with Carolyn Pettitt.
  • Nature project – Collect leaves in different shapes and sizes, add paint and layer them onto a canvas.
  • Animal art – Combine beads, paper clips, buttons and other supplies to create a cat, butterfly or other animals.
  • Seasonal designs – Cut out Halloween or Christmas images from magazines and integrate them with an original painting.
  • 3D art – Use Play-Doh, yarn, buttons and other simple materials to build a 3D sculpture.
  • Science project – Create a solar system artwork using paints, canvas and polystyrene balls.

The Benefits of Mixed Media Art for Students

Mixed media art offers many benefits for a child’s development. From problem-solving and fine motor skills to imagination and communication, students must exercise multiple aspects of learning.

We recently talked about STEM vs. STEAM, and mixed media is one area where integration between the arts and sciences can prove successful. As children broaden their horizons using various materials, color schemes and concepts, the benefits in their overall education should be clear.

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