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Ways You Can Add Art Literacy to Curriculum

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Easy access to art lessons for kids is integral to their personal and educational development. From simple instructional guidance to more sophisticated art literacy education, art offers far more than just creative expression. However, many teachers face an uphill battle integrating art literacy into the curriculum, and children frequently miss out. At Golden Road Arts in Hillsboro, it’s our goal to help parents and teachers deliver an all-around arts education – regardless of their skill or experience.

How to Include Art Literacy in the Curriculum

Integrating art literacy into lessons doesn’t need to be complicated. Try these simple ways to help children develop literacy skills while getting creative.

Learn About Famous Artists and Art Movements

Learning about abstract art, cubism, surrealism, pop art – along with the predominant artists using these styles – adds history and context to the creativity that will be expressed. Golden Road Arts has many free art lessons (videos) that demonstrate various styles of art that also share a closer look at an artist’s biography.

Place Posters Around the Classroom

Try adding prominent visual cues around the classroom to help children memorize ideas. For example, you can create posters featuring an art movement and famous painter using both images and text.

Encourage Group Discussions About Art

Arts and creative literacy is important as it helps children develop communication skills, social skills, self-esteem, empathy and other vital tools. Getting together as a group and encouraging discussion about art projects helps exercise each of these skills.

Develop a Creativity Action Plan

Intentionally turning an idea into a finished artwork is an essential step forward in a child’s development. Rather than purely improvising, before students begin a project ask them to write a short plan that outlines the basics of their proposed art project.

Integrate Storytelling Into Art Classes

The ability to convey ideas and concepts within a work of art is a key aspect of a child’s communication skills. One tried-and-true method that helps develop communication skills is to use storytelling. Of course, you can tell a story with a simple painting or in multiple panels of a cartoon.

Use Multimodal Learning

Multimodal learning uses visual, reading, writing and other methods of teaching. To bring the ideas together a multimodal lesson could involve a video demonstration of an art style and reading a short story, along with a printmaking exercise using multimedia items.

End Lessons With an Art Statement

At the end of an art lesson, ask children to write down something they learned during the class. The ability to reflect and succinctly communicate an idea is one of the many reasons why kids need art within a curriculum.

Access Art Literacy and Instructional Content for Kids

Golden Road Arts helps parents and teachers deliver art education by creating high-quality videos and in-person events. Watch our free art lessons now for a wide range of content for elementary and middle school children. You can also support future art literacy tutorials by making a donation.

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