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What Are the Different Art Styles Kids Like Most?

Artist styles for children in Hillsboro
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As one of the most rewarding creative outlets for children, art has something for everyone. From the joys of scribbling in the early years to the more sophisticated designs created by teenagers, there are countless styles of art for kids to participate in. At Golden Road Arts in Hillsboro we have created art lessons across all genres, and want to share some favorite artist styles enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Best Art Styles for Elementary School Kids

Elementary school kids typically enjoy simple drawing and painting using uncomplicated objects and basic shapes and forms. During this period, kids usually move beyond scribbling to art containing discernible scenes such as a colorful landscape incorporating trees, grass and the sky. Paper crafts are also popular with elementary-age children, with mask making, paper plate designs and 3D cards proving popular.

  • Abstract – Abstract art uses an array of colors, lines, patterns and shapes to form unique designs.
  • Geometric – Younger children can learn about lines and shapes and then integrate them into geometric patterns.
  • Nature – Leaves, rocks and twigs make excellent art supplies for nature-themed printmaking.

Artist Styles for Middle School Children

As children reach middle school they become skilled in different styles of painting and drawing. Objects become more realistic, featuring shading and more detailed brushwork. Children often enjoy experimenting with art styles and materials, trying out various printmaking and collage methods. During this time, young artists become more diligent in following the artistic process from start to finish.

  • Portraiture – While portraiture is challenging it encourages middle school kids to pay attention to detail in their subjects.
  • Typography – Typography is integral to graphic design and integrates language and storytelling into the artistic process.
  • Cartoon – Storytelling is also a crucial aspect of cartoon art, aiding a child’s social and communication skills.

Art Styles Enjoyed by High School Kids

Talented high school kids can create artwork with high degrees of skill and artistic vision. They usually feel comfortable creating art at home without direction from teachers or parents, and may even settle on a style that resonates with them – including abstract, figurative, surrealism, graffiti, fine art or printmaking techniques.

  • Sculpture – Older children have the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to create more advanced sculptures.
  • Pop art – Pop art encourages kids to look at the world around them and create bold designs from everyday objects.
  • Painterly – Older kids have the brushwork skills to develop the controlled artwork found in the painterly art style.

Study the Popular Art Styles for Kids

Golden Road Arts creates high-quality art demonstration videos for children. If you want to access content in a variety of art styles, watch our free art lessons today. You can also support us with a donation or with a purchase at our online art gallery.


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