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Where Are the Best Places to Get Free Art Lessons for Kids?

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Free art lessons help kids of all backgrounds gain access to the creative arts. At our free art events in Oregon, Golden Road Arts has helped children of all ages take their first steps into printmaking, collage and various other techniques. Unfortunately, many parents just don’t know where to find accessible art lessons that inspire and educate. So with that in mind, here are some of the best places for free art lessons.

Where to Find Free Art Lessons for Children

1. Golden Road Arts

Golden Road Arts provides a wide-ranging selection of free online art lessons for kids. Our website contains instructional guides, art literacy lessons and introductions to popular artists from history. With a focus on the elementary and middle school years, we have created a curriculum that can be used by parents and teachers without charge. In addition, many of our lessons contain low-cost materials that can often be sourced from around the house.

2. Local Libraries

Local libraries can be a valuable source of art content for children. Libraries typically stock many books for young children, and art is among the most popular topics. During a child’s early development, they need to learn motor skills to hold a pencil or brush, and techniques for drawing lines and shapes. This demonstrates the importance of using resources that are aimed at a child’s current stage of development.

3. Oregon Community Centers

Community centers are often a hub for the creative arts, with painting, sculpture, performing and much more. A quick search for free art lessons Oregon should find some local events you can attend with your child. And along with access to free lessons, children can also socialize with new friends as they practice important communication skills.

4. Special Arts Events

Oregon hosts many art events for children each year. These special arts events can be memorable experiences for children as they get to join in with talented local artists. The Library on the Loose events – with the Hillsboro Library and Golden Road Arts – is a recent example. These live events combined art and reading to aid in the development of creativity and literacy.

5. Local Oregon Schools

For many children, school is where they were first inspired to start drawing or painting. The ability of art to inspire is a key reason why kids need art throughout their education. Sadly, art isn’t as prevalent in schools as most parents would like. However, reaching out to teachers and school leadership can ensure they contact organizations like Golden Road Arts to develop special programs.

Browse Our Free Online Art Lessons

Golden Road Arts creates instructional content and art literacy lessons for kids. We also deliver in-person workshops and free art lessons in Oregon. To get started, view our free art lessons now. You can also support us by making a donation or buying art from our online art gallery.

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