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Why Is Arts and Creative Literacy Important?

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For a child to develop as an artist and across all aspects of their education, arts and creative literacy cannot be underestimated. Teaching art in the classroom and at home can begin with the simple pleasure of scribbling. However, as a powerful learning tool, creativity and art literacy must gradually be introduced. At Golden Road Arts, you’ll find our free art lessons developed at our Hillsboro studio to be the perfect starting point.

What Is Art Literacy?

Art literacy is a broad concept encompassing an understanding of art history, styles, techniques – and even the ways you can discuss art. Included within this concept is the ability to talk about the creative process as an artist. To successfully be able to understand and communicate these many facets of art is important to gain a deeper connection to the artistic process, and the language used within the creative field.

Understanding the Importance of Art Literacy

The sooner you can introduce children to art education, the better. Art literacy is a skill developed over time as a child connects their growing knowledge of art history, styles and the language used to discuss art with their own artistic work. This literacy can then be applied to a range of subjects and everyday life. For example, research has found that art used as a teaching method improved observational skills, empathy, nonverbal communication and interpersonal relationships.

Recently, Golden Road Arts participated in an in-person event called Library on the Loose. Across 16 local parks in the Northwest, children created art based on a reading of an age-appropriate book. This process helps kids use their imagination to solve problems, build connections between words and images – and apply different art styles to a particular theme.

Children develop their passion for art starting at a very young age. Our free art lessons are suitable for children through all four stages of artistic development.

Combining Art Literacy and Creativity During a Child’s Education

Creativity is a great motivator during a child’s education. Giving children the ability to create something of their own from an initial idea allows them to engage a number of skills they build on throughout their education. The following skills highlight why kids need art literacy, creativity and hands-on experience all working together.

  • Conceptualize an idea
  • Interpret meaning from their work
  • Present their work to a parent or group
  • Relate their art to broader concepts
  • Expand on their art through storytelling
  • Analyze the work of others

As a child progresses, they will likely strive to develop the skills required to make their vision a reality. Tied to this creativity will be a grounding in art literacy, which will involve the ability to communicate an idea both visually and verbally, and the knowledge to contextualize their idea within the wider art world.

Teach Arts and Creative Literacy With Our Free Art Lessons

At Golden Road Arts, our educational videos combine art literacy and instruction for a comprehensive education. If you are a parent or teacher looking for a library of training videos, check out our free art lessons today. You can also reach us by calling (503) 718-7097.

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