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Why Students Need Art Enrichment Activities

Art enrichment activities in Oregon.
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Art enrichment activities are designed to enhance art appreciation and understanding, as well as the practice of art. As a complement to traditional art lessons in the classroom, these activities provide a deeper creative experience that will help with a child’s overall development. If you are a parent or teacher looking for ways to add to the curriculum, focusing on art enrichment activities is a good place to start.

Why Art Enrichment Activities Help a Child’s Development

Learning the fundamental technical aspects of art is important to the process, but there are many additional elements that add to a child’s creative development. Here are some of the reasons to integrate a broader approach to arts education.

Cultural Appreciation

Art provides a window into the lives of people around the world throughout history. Children can study and recreate works from different movements, conceptualizing why artists implemented certain styles and materials.

For example, in Japanese ink painting creating minimalist black designs is considered to be a meditative process. And in Italy, factors like economic prosperity and artistic innovation flowered into the Italian Renaissance. Presenting a workshop where students can learn about these styles is a valuable enrichment opportunity.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Integrating art with science, mathematics and other subjects increases student engagement and improves critical thinking skills. While there is a tendency to think of art as a subject separate from the sciences and other fields, everything from geometry and color theory to history and community is present in a well-rounded curriculum.

An art enrichment activity could involve creating an after-school class that uses art to learn about ancient civilizations, the planets in the solar system and other engaging topics.

Art Literacy

In our tips for combining art literacy and art in the classroom article, we looked at the link between art and storytelling. As children start to develop their artistic techniques they can begin to translate concepts and narratives into interesting art pieces.

For a fun and hands-on art enrichment activity, read a short story or have the children create their own. Next, set a task to create art that encapsulates the themes and ideas of the story. This process employs creative thinking, problem-solving, decision making and other vital skills.

Art Inspires Learning

Children love taking on new challenges and expanding their horizons. Art is a valuable tool for developing this interest in new subjects and techniques, as there’s always something new to learn, observe and analyze.

For an exciting art enrichment activity, take children to an art museum or gallery to observe great artworks up close. The ability to engage the senses is one reason why kids need art for their development – and there’s no better place than at a dedicated art space.

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