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Why Working With Clay and Playdough Inspires Creativity

Clay and playdough art projects for kids
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As anyone familiar with Golden Road Arts’ free art lessons for kids will know, we love getting creative with clay and playdough. Children of all ages can develop art projects with these materials, and they are a great addition to any art class or home project. But clay and playdough are more than just a fun distraction for kids – these substances can actually inspire creativity and assist in a child’s overall development. Here’s why working with clay and playdough offers so many benefits to children.

Free Art Lessons Using Clay and Playdough

While clay and playdough are appropriate for many of the same art projects, these materials (though similar) are not the same thing.

Creating Art Projects With Clay

Clay is a natural material that is available in different colors and textures. When mixed with water, it becomes soft and pliable, similar to mud. Children can roll, stretch and manipulate clay into many forms and it will hold its shape, even as the clay dries. Watch our video on how to make clay at home or in the classroom.

Using Playdough in a Children’s Art Lesson

In contrast with clay, playdough is commonly reused over and over. This modeling compound is easy to shape, squish and mold, making it a great sensory tool for younger children. When a child finishes their art project, they can roll it out and start again. Learn how to make playdough at home by watching our video.

How Clay and Playdough Help Childhood Creativity and Development

It is easy to underestimate the benefits of working with clay and playdough. The following are just some of the ways the materials help develop a child’s creativity.

  • Childhood development – Manipulating clay and playdough helps children improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination for wide-reaching developmental benefits.
  • Imagination – Starting with a shapeless material and transforming it into an object, shape or animal encourages kids to explore their imaginations.
  • Tactile – Molding clay and playdough is a sensory and therapeutic experience that can also help a child relax.
  • Suitable for all ages – With a wide range of projects to work on, the materials are ideal for classroom exercises across all grades and at home.
  • Patience – Creating an object from scratch takes perseverance and rewards children for their patience.
  • Versatility – Clay and playdough are available in various colors and textures, making them versatile materials for creating art at home or school.
  • Experimentation – The ability to adapt ideas and react to intriguing new shapes makes these materials perfect for artistic experimentation.

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Golden Road Arts develops art lessons for elementary and middle school children. From our Hillsboro studio we create fun and educational content featuring materials like clay and playdough. Take a look for yourself and watch our free art lessons now. You can also support us with a donation.

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