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Art for Kids – Inspiring Young Artists to Unleash Their Creativity

Golden Road Arts provides free access to art instruction for elementary and middle school children, parents, teachers and art enthusiasts. Inspiring artistic creativity from a young age is important for childhood development and can improve self-confidence. Sadly, limited access to art education prevents many kids from igniting a passion. At Golden Road Arts, we make it possible to discover the value of art through high-quality online and in-person lessons.

Art for Kids

Get Access to Free Art Lessons for Kids

Our belief that every child needs art has led us to build a comprehensive program for kids in elementary school, grades K-5 and middle school. We also are active in our support of Northwest artists through our curated online art gallery. A commission from all artwork sold benefits our non-profit, ensuring we can continue to deliver the best free art education for students. Here are some of the ways art is so important in a child’s education.

Art Education in the Classroom is Important

Giving children access to free art education is fundamental to the mission of Golden Road Arts. Through our collaborations with working Northwest artists, we provide a diverse range of instructional content that meets state educational guidelines. Art literacy is key to helping students think creatively, encouraging them to develop skills transferable throughout their academic journey. By applying a child-friendly approach, we can begin to introduce artistic concepts, movements and styles into their learning.

When introduced at a young age, art literacy provides many benefits, including increased confidence, improved social skills and better academic outcomes. Art in the classroom – whether through virtual lessons or in-person instruction – will give kids a deeper understanding of the value of art that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Art Plays a Role in Childhood Development

One of the best ways a parent can help their child is by encouraging creativity from an early age. Art can play a significant role in childhood development, helping a child with creative expression, problem-solving, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. By introducing art at home, a child can gain a sense of accomplishment and be inspired to continue developing their skills.

Unfortunately, lack of resources or limited artistic knowledge prevents many parents from teaching art at home. This is where Golden Road Arts can help, with a broad range of programs that children and parents can work on together. Through video art instruction, kids can have fun and also take their first steps into art literacy.

Support Art for Kids by Donating

Golden Road Arts is a non-profit organization that not only helps elementary school children with art education but also supports teachers, homeschoolers and the arts community in Oregon and the Northwest. If you wish to support art for kids, we have a number of ways you can donate.

  • Make a financial donation that allows us to continue our mission.
  • Artists can donate their artworks for sale in our online gallery.
  • Businesses and organizations can sponsor events or programs.
  • Art lovers can invest in artwork from our gallery.
  • Individuals can volunteer their time and skills.
  • Spread the word to parents and educators who could benefit from art education.

Art Helps Kids Develop Essential Skills

It is not uncommon for art education to be sidelined in favor of other subjects. However, art has repeatedly been shown to offer a wide range of benefits for individuals and communities. For a young child, art encourages creativity that translates to other aspects of learning and social interactions. When techniques and concepts are introduced the right way, a child won’t feel like they are studying and they will naturally pick up an understanding of art literacy.

Children also develop motor skills and visual learning techniques through focused learning. The application of these new skills across many education platforms is a key reason why kids need art. In many cases, children miss out on opportunities due to limited access to art education. However, our free training makes art accessible to anyone who needs it.

Common Questions About Art for Kids

Proceeds from the curated artwork sales are split between the artist and the gallery. All income received by the gallery is then invested into our art education programs and classroom art materials.

We have a wide range of video lessons, including child-friendly instruction on making a collage, drawing faces, portrait painting and drawing animals. We also introduce the different artistic styles of painters like Piet Mondrian and Mary Cassatt.

Yes. We run workshops and lessons in schools, libraries and other locations. Make sure to check our website for the latest event announcements.

Supporting Arts for Kids Is a National Need

At Golden Road Arts we are dedicated to ensuring children of all ages have access to art education. There are many ways you can support our cause, including making a financial donation, donating your time as an artist, shopping in our online art gallery or simply helping spread the word about our arts program. If you have any questions please contact us online or call us at (503) 718-7097.

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