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Art at Home – How Parents Can Encourage Creativity in Their Children

Encouraging creativity in children is an important part of their development. Talking about and creating art at home provides a host of social, mental and emotional benefits for a child. However, many parents with a limited artistic background don’t always know how to spark a child’s interest in art. At Golden Road Arts, we help parents and teachers by providing free art lessons developed by Northwest artists.

Kids Art Lessons at Home

What Are the Benefits of Art Education for Young Children?

Art education that expands artistic literacy as a child grows up is a valuable aid in their learning. Promoting art for kids at home includes some of the following benefits.

  • Increased self-confidence – children can develop self-confidence through encouragement from parents.
  • Better motor skills – mixing paint, drawing, coloring, sculpting and most artistic techniques all help to improve motor skills.
  • Enhanced creativity – as kids learn more about art, they will innovate to let their imagination come to life.
  • Improved problem-solving skills – art lets kids experiment with techniques and overcome challenges in order to create their vision.

Free Art Lessons Created by Oregon Artists

Some kids will naturally be inclined to take part in many forms of creativity. However, you may initially need to encourage your child to get started. Our collection of art lessons covers a range of topics, making it possible to spark some inspiration.

If possible, having access to different art materials will allow your child to explore a number of projects. Some kids like to collaborate with parents, while others might prefer to have a solo space to create.

Asking questions is also a useful way to help your child think about the creative process. As children build on their artistic knowledge and skills, their ability to consider an idea and bring it to life will improve. While you may want to lean upon your children’s school to teach art in the classroom, we encourage you to also expose your children to creating art at home.

There are many reasons kids need art as it offers a way for children to communicate their emotions that may not be as obvious on the surface. Art can help channel emotions and energy into something beautiful. The greatest of painters created their best works to communicate feelings they otherwise may not have shared.

Common Questions About Art at Home

No. Parents can encourage their children through a combination of our art lessons, providing positive feedback and communicating about the artworks they produce. One of the most important things you can do, as a parent, is provide them with the tools and resources.

Developing a passion for art at a young age, whether through coursework or a hobby, is highly beneficial. Art has many benefits that translate into a range of subjects, including math, science and more. Teaching art at home can result in an overall improved academic performance.

Our lessons offer a range of different artistic styles and subjects. By providing encouragement and exposure to different types of art, you can gradually inspire your young artist to find an interest that develops over time.

Our Free Lessons Make Teaching Art at Home Easy

Golden Road Arts creates fun and educational instructional videos for elementary and middle school-aged children. If you are a parent looking to inspire creativity in your child, browse our free online art lessons online today. If you are an artist, a teacher or would like to join our mission call us at (503) 718-7097.

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