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Understanding Why Kids Need Art

At Golden Road Arts, we started developing art lessons due to the lack of free resources for parents and teachers in Oregon. Art is one of the key building blocks in the physical, social and mental development of a child. However, much art education is not structured to encourage creativity and artistic literacy that aids in a child’s development. With the right approach, elementary and middle school kids can develop a range of important skills using accessible art lessons.

Understanding Why Kids Need Art

5 Reasons Art Can Help a Child’s Development

1. Improve Language and Literacy Skills

As part of the act of creating art, children are encouraged to discuss what they have produced. The process of thinking about their intentions and expressing them helps with vocabulary, speaking, listening and comprehension skills.

2. Develop Motor Skills

The skills involved in many types of art will naturally lead to improvements in motor skills. Drawing and painting help develop motor skills as kids exercise their fingers and hands. Additionally, there will be gradual advancements in coordination as children are introduced to more complex tasks.

3. Practice Communication Skills

Learning the ability to communicate is a vital step in child development. However, it is not just verbal communication that needs work. By taking part in our art lessons, kids will gradually develop the ability to communicate ideas through various styles of art.

4. Help Problem-Solving Abilities

Art provides an opportunity to explore without worrying about making mistakes. The best type of art for kids allows space to adapt to unexpected situations. Kids learn the importance of problem-solving in the process of making an idea come to life.

5. Build Self-Confidence

Our art lessons help kids build self-confidence by continuously developing key skills. Perseverance, empathy, patience, commitment and many other traits can be developed when a child receives a quality education and praise.

Art Plays an Important Role at School and Home

When thinking about the impact of art education, it is important to realize the important role it plays at school and home. Art in the classroom provides a way for students to further develop important skills such as a greater understanding of measurements. Charts, graphs and lines utilize measurement which is an important math skill. And lines are used in art.

Art at home provides parents with an outlet to encourage children’s creativity. Art can cause a shift from simply staring at smart devices and video-game consoles to creating something tangible that opens up children’s imaginations.

Common Questions About Why Kids Need Art

Ideally, kids will have the chance to make art at home and in the classroom. Our art lessons can be delivered in online videos and in-person events providing help to parents and K-5 educators.

Lessons should be age-appropriate and progressive. Our art program is both fun and challenging while developing skills in art creation and literacy.

Yes. Art is important for building self-esteem, instilling patience and providing a sense of accomplishment. There is also the potential for developing better social skills within the classroom.

Introduce Art to Kids With Our Free Online Video Lessons

At Golden Road Arts, we help teachers and parents inspire creativity in children with our free art lessons. For a broad range of instruction and literacy videos, browse our free art lessons today. If you would like to help support art education for kids you can contact us by calling (503) 718-7097.

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