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Art in the Classroom – Why Art Literacy Is So Important

Golden Road Arts brings art into the classroom through virtual and in-person events. With the help of experienced Oregon artists, we ensure elementary and middle school children are introduced to art literacy. The skills gained through communicating about art will translate throughout their education, playing a key role in a child’s development. By establishing art education at a young age, parents and teachers can help enhance a child’s understanding of the world.

Art in the Classroom

How Local Artists Help Bring Art Into the Classroom

Using high-quality educational content aimed at elementary school kids, we hope to inspire and nurture a love for art. Artistic literacy is developed in various ways, including through an understanding of art history, a study of art styles, an introduction to many great artists and by creating art. While some children seem to have a natural affinity for art, everyone can learn to create and appreciate art with access to the right educational opportunities.

At Golden Road Arts, we deliver art for kids in the classroom using video art lessons. Our free art lessons, developed by working artists in the Northwest, are designed to nurture art literacy at a pace suitable for younger kids. However, children of all ages can learn from our online art lessons and in-person art events.

Using Art to Develop Language Skills

Art is an important tool for helping children develop language skills. Kids follow our age-appropriate lessons and are encouraged to experiment with styles, materials and other methods of creative expression. By describing their artwork and processes with a teacher, children improve communication skills and form connections between theory and practice.

Through focusing on artistic literacy in the classroom, children develop skills that can help them flourish throughout their academic life. In practice, this means building meaningful connections to the art and improving their understanding of different cultures, concepts and experiences. We help children engage with diverse ideas, experiment in a fun and accessible way and improve communication skills with those around them.

Common Questions About Art in the Classroom

Golden Road Arts creates art education aimed at children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our content can also be used by teachers, parents and students involved in education.

Quality art instruction has been shown to have benefits for literacy, creativity, motor skills, communication and problem-solving. Children who study art are likely to experience improved academic performance across multiple disciplines.

An important part of developing art literacy is to begin learning about major artists, art styles and movements. Our lessons provide an introduction to these elements using a child-friendly approach. Children build an understanding and context for the artworks they create.

Access Art Lessons for Elementary School Children

If you are a teacher or parent looking to enhance your children’s art education, Golden Road Arts can help. For a wide range of educational content, browse our art lessons today or call us at (503) 718-7097.

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