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What Types of Art Are Popular With Kids During the Winter?

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With children typically spending more time indoors during the winter, art is the perfect way to engage their interests and add to their development. Accessible free art lessons for kids ensure everyone can get creative regardless of their experience or skill-set. If you are a parent or teacher trying to capture the interest of middle school or elementary school kids, try these types of art from Golden Road Arts in Hillsboro.

7 Popular Types of Art for Children During the Winter

Introducing multiple types of art for kids helps develop specific skills, from hand-eye coordination and problem-solving to creativity and perseverance. Each of these projects uses popular art styles adapted for the winter season.

1. New Year’s Resolution Collage

Collage art lets kids improve their manual dexterity in a creative setting. With the end of the year traditionally being the time to reflect and make new goals, why not turn the process into an art project? Kids could use photos from throughout the year, or write goals using crayons or paint sticks.

2. Ice Painting With Watercolors

Watercolor painting is a great way to improve motor skills and attention to detail. A fun winter twist is to paint with watercolors on ice – this can help children become used to different textures.

3. Mixed Media Holiday Cards

Mixed media art lets kids experiment with different materials and layering for some unique results. With the winter being such a busy time of year for card giving, let kids get creative with glitter, foil, sequins, ribbons and other materials.

4. Scratch Art Winter Design

Scratch art is a popular type of art for younger kids before they progress to more complicated methods. This easy winter-themed art project for kids involves only oil pastels, card and a toothpick.

5. Sculpting a Snowman

Sculpture is a foundational type of art, starting with basic projects and gradually progressing as a child develops fine motor skills. Naturally, a snowman sculpture fits the winter theme, and you can even make homemade clay from cornstarch and other supplies.

6. Winter Finger Painting

Finger painting is an important introduction to art for young children, and there are many free online art lessons for kids to assist you. Why not try a winter scene of falling snow or a traditional Christmas tree design?

7. Holiday-Themed Tracing Projects

Tracing helps with visual-spatial skills and focus, making it an essential introductory type of art. To help kids create art at home, print winter-themed designs and encourage them to get creative with colors and shades.

Try the Best Winter Art Projects for Kids

Golden Road Arts produces fun and accessible art videos and in-person live events for middle and elementary school children. To see some of our favorite winter art tutorials, browse our free art lessons now. Please also consider supporting us with a donation, or purchase art at our online art gallery.

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